Act From Your Masculine Core

There is no aspect of masculinity and being a man more important than acting from our masculine core. This may seem like an esoteric concept to you, especially if you never did act from it and felt its energy inside of you. This is very possible and you may never have experienced it. Our masculine core is the center of our masculine energy. As men, this is a capital thing to understand, this where our internal drive and feelings of freedom are coming from.

It is in our nature to act from our masculine core. Every time we are not, it is because there is an imbalance inside of us. This typically happens when we look outside of ourselves for something that should come from the inside. These are the times we are needy and insecure.

What most men miss?

What I noticed during my life is that I like everything coming from the feminine, women and their energy, the fun they bring and the strong emotions they elicit in me. I also like to be entertained, to be surrounded by comfort and relaxed. And also to enjoy a good book or movie. However, this feminine energy is not what I was looking for the most despite what I initially thought.

What I want more than any kind of feminine energy is actually acting from my own masculine energy.

How does it feel when we do not act from our masculine core?

When we are not strongly acting from our masculine core, we are needy. Not only needy in the emotional sense, as most people understand in the context of Women but needy in general. On the emotional side, this can take many forms, from wanting others for love, validation, attention, self-worth. However it can also be simply to expect the world to entertain us, relax us, give us meaning and make us forget about our problems. We feel empty inside and not at all willing to generate what we need to feed ourselves. We feel like the world and other people should provide that. This makes us turned towards the outside and seeking it instead of looking inside of ourselves.

The problem is that even though this strategy may work for a time, it is a very toxic position to be in for a man. Especially if he has achieved some measure of success in his life and if he is attractive, people will gravitate towards him and be willing to give him attention, validation, support, entertainment and so on. For a time, he may be very happy to enjoy these “free” gifts from life. And nobody around him may find that wrong. They may even be very happy for him, after all, he probably deserves it. He is a great guy and they think he deserves some nice things in life.

However, this is not how life works for men, we can never stop working on developing our strength and masculine qualities. The reason for that is that it is in our Nature to constantly ascend and develop or regress and become weaker. We may find that unfair or wrong but it does not matter to life. We either follow the rules and constantly work to grow and do more or decay.

When we do coast, something interesting happens. The “free” gifts we were enjoying will quickly or slowly disappear and people will lose their attraction to us and willingness to satisfy our needs. However, even if this is not the case, our feelings will give us warnings something is distorted. We will start to feel afraid of losing what we have, we will slowly switch from a mentality of abundance to a mentality of scarcity. We will also start to manipulate and negotiate those gifts we receive from others, either consciously or unconsciously. We will feel a deep sense of unease and frustration inside of us. However, all of that disappears when we start acting again from our masculine core.

How does it feel when we act from our masculine core?

There is a very important difference whether we act from our masculine core or not. The first thing we need to clarify is exactly what does it mean to act from our masculine core. The best way to think about it is via comparisons. When we do, we act but do not react to events, we feel centered instead of focused on the outside world, we are acting on our schedule and agenda instead of following the one of others. We respect our time and value we bring. We are also much less prone to distractions and wasting time. Both our actions and our speech become crystal clear and complete.

Another way we can see it is to say that we then act from a position of strength and not weakness in every aspect of our lives. We do not act from fear, manipulation, resentment or anger anymore but because it further our goals, helps to take care of the people we love or brings us pleasure and enjoyment.

An important consideration is also the question of how much energy we spend. When we are focused on the outside world and expecting it to feed ourselves, life is extremely complicated. We have to take into account all the people that are feeding us, their agendas and interests, monitor them and their availability and make sure our actions do not disturb their willingness or capability to feed us. This amounts to an incredible amount of energy wasted and in a very toxic way. However, when we act from our core and following our true purpose and wants, all of this energy comes back to us. It is not a question anymore to upset people, please them and manipulate the world in so many ways but just to simply act in it the way we think is the most authentic, genuine and close to our heart and purpose.

The best way I can describe how it feels to act from that position is just pure freedom and strength. There is no regret and no calculation about our actions anymore and the impact they will have on the judgement or willingness of others to keep feeding us with their validation and attention. There can be fear but no anxiety and consequences good or bad can then be fully faced easily. There can even be a sense of bliss, of pure confidence. This is our natural state as men. We were never meant to cater to the attention and validation of others but to bring the full strength of our purpose into the world. Not for the external rewards that it would bring us but for the true and free giving of our gifts. All the gifts and feminine energy that the world gives us comes then secondary to that position of pure strength and freedom. The more we are free and not needy, the more the world gives us. 


The internal attitude we need to have as men was never taught to us. Most of us live life looking towards the outside, waiting for our entire lives for the world to feed us. We are asking ourselves what to do to convince the world, women, bosses, friends to give us what we need. We are asking ourselves what car to drive to make people believe we are “successful”, what kind of brand of clothes to buy to make women want to sleep with us, what kind of fancy title to have to impress people at parties. Everything we do is consciously or unconsciously done to garner the approval and validation of others. This is the very sad and disgusting state that most modern men are living in different degrees of severity. No man can respect himself if he is not acting from his masculine core and he can never be truly fulfilled with his life.

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