Your Inner Demons are eager to meet You

I want to take you on the captivating journey to visit a place. This place is full of abysses, it is very dark, toxic and nauseous and full of dangers and traps. However, it is also filled with life. There are many monsters, from the most innocent chihuahua-like and kind of cute despite their horror, to the largest and most vicious ones that can terrorize you with their bestiality. There are also many demons, also from small to the largest ones, and on the contrary of monsters, demons are actually extremely smart and often eloquent. They are masters in the art of deception and lies and know how to appear like Angels. And if this place is not yet making your blood turn to ice, it gets better. All of these monsters and demons know you intimately. This place is yourself.

Bestiary of Monsters

Your monsters are the least harmful of the landscape. It can be lust, anger, bitterness, desires that should not be pursued, laziness, a desire to harm others and so on. People are usually aware about which ones are living in them and most of the time can control them quite easily or give in consciously and maybe feel shame or regret afterwards. Your monsters are not hiding what they are, not lying to you and easy to recognize when they want to make you act out. Except when they represent addictions for you, monsters can be left quite alone and very fun to let them lose and enjoy the show sometimes. They are also what makes us Humans and gives us some of our quirks and interesting personalities.

Assembly of Demons

While monsters are bad but usually quite harmless, demons are another matter entirely. They can be big or small but none of them is harmless and they are inside of us. They are pure malevolence and hidden in shadows. Monsters are just impulses that push you to act in ways that are not the best for you. The job of your demons is much darker. They do their best to suck energy out of your life, mess with your vision of reality and corrupt your actions in the worst ways possible. They promise relief, positive feelings and fulfilment to you if you just listen to them and do what they propose or see the world as they tell you to. Their lies and deceptions are often very hard to see for what they are. And demons are masters at looking like angels. 

As if this was not terrifying enough, they also know you very intimately. They know your fears and desires and what to tell you to convince you to do what they want. They are rewarded when they convince you to do something, when they are successful in deceiving you. Listening to them is strictly never a wise idea, even if we get what we want afterwards. They get stronger and we pay the price, one way or another. On top of that, it also makes us hurt people around close to us. The last problem is actually that we pretty much do everything we can to not look them in the eyes. We do not like at all the idea that all of these demons are inside of us. We like to think of ourselves as pretty decent and kind Human beings and we do not like that some parts of us are true malevolence, just waiting to be expressed. This is also what gives demons power over us. We just like to pretend they do not exist and look the other way, hoping that if we let them in peace, in turn they will let us in peace as well. But of course, it just does not work like that. When we do that, it is precisely what they are waiting for because it then allows them to influence us unconsciously.

How to fight your demons

By now, you know a couple of things already about your demons. They are strong, very smart, often deceive you and know how to hide. Moreover, they have the tactical advantage of knowing you intimately. Then how can you fight them?

Despite all of their powers and trickery, demons are not more powerful than you are. They may seem so but they are not. The thing they are mostly afraid of is our courage to go for Holidays to that place, get to know them and look them in the eyes with courage. 

For that, we need to look inside of ourselves without judging or fighting. We need to get to know intimately all of these demons, the same as they know us. Knowing what makes them tick, where they are coming from and especially what they promise that we actually crave. Because every single demon is promising something we want for good or bad reasons or avoid something we are afraid of and want to escape. This is what gives them their power, they are using fear to either promise something we want or to help us avoid something we do not want. This is the reason we listen to them. We see them as allies to help us get these things we crave desperately. This makes us compromise, we may know that this is the wrong path to attain what we want. We look the other way and hope that they will deliver on the goods without too much damage. We are afraid that without their help, we are not good enough to get these things, that we need their help and that otherwise we will never get these things or avoid disaster.

This is why most people never face their demons, they never want to face such evil, bringing all of their courage in faith in themselves to fight them. They see it as a fight already lost and this maintains them in a state of powerlessness. The more we get accustomed to our demons, the more we understand how to fight others and especially how to recognize them for what they are. Facing them is not pleasant at all and very tough on our emotions. It makes us feel shame, regret, anger and bitterness. We do not need to face them all at once and we do not need to start with the toughest ones.

I am a very impatient man so whenever I discover about one of these bad boys, I like to take the full time and effort needed to face them and understand exactly how messed up they are and face them head-on. This makes the process much faster but is quite painful and takes a lot of energy for a couple of days.

What happens when you vanquish them

Once you face a demon and see it for exactly what it is and where it is coming from, it loses its power over you. At first you will probably feel the negative feelings I described such as shame and bitterness and maybe even a bit physically sick and very tired. But at the same time, you will have feelings of relaxation and freedom. All of the energy that was taken by the demon and your energy to fight it are given back to you. And in a sense, the demon loses all of its malevolence and is integrated into you. In a sense it starts to serve you as a true ally, being ready to assist in a positive way. It becomes part of the good part of you, once light shines on it.

I already vanquished many demons in my life as I am sure you have if you are reading this. There was nothing more sweet than the feeling of freedom and pride to know I evolved and triumphed over these demons and their tricks.


Demons and monsters are very good metaphors about these aspects of ourselves that could be qualified as evil or places of hurt and misery and can certainly feel very alive to us.

For men, facing our demons is especially important because we cannot be strong and proud them without it. We need to face them with all of our might and tame them if we want to ever be powerful enough to live fulfilling lives.

This is why it is critical that you start as soon as possible to dig into these abysses of lack, fear and malevolence in order to meet them. They will be trying their best to scare you away, cheat, lie and have the best arguments ready to convince you that their existence is justified and that they just always wanted the best for you, if only you trust them and give them freedom to do what they ask. But do not believe one word of what they say. They are full of shit and will try anything to survive in you.

The more demons we face and vanquish the more our life becomes free and fulfilled. We are not yet controlled by fear or malevolence and our life starts to be an expression of love. This is the real time when you can get what you wanted and they promised but did not deliver.

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